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Please make sure when filling out information that you put in your correct email address as well as you cell phone and cell phone carrier to make sure you are receiving the proper updates from AYB.

ABSA Volunteer Registration

This is for anyone that is volunteering as a board member, coach, assistant coach, manager, or anything else with ABA.

Open to: Men & Women

SR /Jr Legion Baseball Registration 2021

These are for all players who are playing Sr and Jr American Legion Baseball in 2021.   

All players and parents may register here.  When registering the player you will be able to clone the information into a parent.  What will happen is all those registered in the system will receive all updates on the team via email and text message. Make sure to fill out all options including cell phone and carrier.  The communication tools are excellent but only as good as the information you enter.

Opened: 01/25/2021

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 8 to 13 for 2020-21 School year