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ABSA Board of Directors 2019-2020

Board elections are at the September Meeting.  

All meetings are second Monday of each month.

Each position is a two year term.




Position Term Name Email
President 2019-2021 Brian Regnier bregnier@comcast.net
Executive Vice President 2018-2020 Jamie Scherban jscherban@paychex.com
Secretary 2019-2021 Jeff Heinze jheinze114@comcast.net
Treasurer 2018-2020 Lynn Szatrowski lszatrowski@massmutual.com
Baseball Director 2019-2021 Chad Levesque chad.levesque6@gmail.com
Softball Director 2018-2020 Sarah Santucci tuccis16@yahoo.com
Registrar 2019-2021 Sean Santucci jeeps7210@gmail.com