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2020 Agawam American Legion Baseball
ABSA Members: ABSA wanted to get some correspondence out to all...
ABSA Sponsorship Program 2020
Please go to the FORMS page to download and fill out the 2020 Sponsorship...
2020 Agawam American Legion Baseball

ABSA Members:

ABSA wanted to get some correspondence out to all of our members regarding baseball in 2020.  With the current events unfolding in our society, there doesn’t seem to be anything certain right now in our future.  Other then we as a community will come together and we will beat this virus and move towards a society that we all love and look forward to getting back to.

Baseball is a sport that may be able to happen this year.  The local leagues are all planning on a season and meetings and things are taking place now to ensure that everything will be done to get the kids back and being kids again  The MIAA has put out a May 4th date it seems.  Its optimistic and that’s good. 

American Legion Baseball does play later in the year (starts mid-late June) and this year more than others can provide a much-needed escape from recent events and into something the kids all love to do. 

Baseball in our our divisions can start later in the year and for Willie Mays, Reece, or Kofax Divisions, they all have the ability to start when this pandemic is thought to be past us, or hopefully safe to be out and about.  Nothing will be done without clearance from the Town of Agawam prior to anyone playing on any field. 

The month of April is gone and from there we will go by the Town of Agawam guidance

Right now we are in the process of registering teams and getting insurance as well.  This all has to be done to ensure our place within the leagues. 

I’m sure that most of the fees, if paid, will be reimbursed if for some reason baseball doesn’t happen.  We do have to order hats (takes 6-8 weeks right now) and pay insurance.  Hats once we order we own them.  Jerseys are actually quicker then hats.  And equipment can be quick as well. 

Please register online at www.agawamabseball.com for your team.  ABSA is asking right now for a deposit right now to give some cash to get things ordered.  We can set up a payment plan for the rest.  The deposit will be the bare minimum we need for the teams to get going. 

Ultimately baseball could be the start of the new normal for all of us. I would encourage everyone to stay healthy.  Follow all the guidelines that are in place.  Follow what the Town of Agawam is saying, and in the end lets get everyone back and playing some baseball. 


Thank You,  Brian Regnier

by posted 04/01/2020
ABSA Sponsorship Program 2020

Please go to the FORMS page to download and fill out the 2020 Sponsorship Form.  Checks are made payable to :  Agawam Baseball, 77 Cecile St, Agawam Ma 01001

by posted 12/10/2019
ABA Fall Clinic
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